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Residential Moving and Storage

Whether you are moving, needing storage or both, Go Mini’s provides a simple and affordable alternative to traditional moving methods.

On short notice, Go Mini’s will deliver to your residence a high quality portable moving and storage container (see sizes). Once your mobile storage container is delivered, you load the moving container at your leisure; the portable storage containers are rented by the month.

If you need assistance with loading, Go Mini’s can provide you with a reliable source for professional packing and loading labor. The standard labor rate is $82 per hour for a two person crew.

Once your Go Minis unit is loaded, call us, and we will transport it to your new address or to our safe and secure Louisville location for storage.

If you are selling and buying a home, Go Mini’s provides the perfect solution when closing dates do not allow you to move directly into your new residence. We will store your mobile storage unit and re-deliver it exactly on the date that you require.

If you are building a home, and cannot move directly in, Go Mini’s offers temporary storage that you only have to load and unload once. Your Go Mini mobile unit can be stored at our dry and secure storage location or at your new home site.

If you are renovating or remodeling your home, Go Mini’s offers the convenience of moving and storing items as the need arises during the course of the project with the Go Mini portable storage container on your property.

Staging your home during the selling process can dramatically increase the chances that your home will sell faster. Realtors often suggest that minimizing the amount of furniture within a home enables the prospective buyer to visualize how their furniture would fit into the home. Go Mini’s can assist in this de-cluttering process by providing a portable temporary space to store excess furniture.