Winter Storage: What Not to Store

Kentucky’s finest Go Minis Moving and Storage units are guaranteed to be the best in all categories: price, quality, service, and otherwise. We deliver, pick-up, and store Go Mini units in every season and under every condition – winter storage, summer moves, etc. – it’s what we do! We store what you pack, and we make every effort to keep our units in peak shape to maintain weather, moisture, mold, and mildew resistance while delivering our trademarked convenience and security. What we can’t control, however, outside of the rules and guidelines provided at the initial transaction, is what you store inside your Go Mini unit. With the winter season upon us, we work to keep humidity, natural condensation, and other ...
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Pods® vs Go-Minis

If you’ve heard anything about portable moving options, then surely you’ve heard about PODS®. As a big competitor of Go Minis, how can we ignore the comparisons between us? From the outside, it may look like we offer similar services, or have comparable amenities, but we have the inside scoop, and are here to tell you that Go Minis take the cake, every time. What do Go Minis have that PODS® don’t? What makes our services the one for you? Well, based on four aspects of what matters to you, the customer, we offer a few extra tidbits that our competition doesn’t. Space When it comes to moving and storage, there always seems to be a little bit more stuff than anticipated. Our ...
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Cool Tips for a Smooth Summer Move

With the kids on summer break and a deep-set root in rest and change, the summer months can be attractive for a potential move – and by all means, moving during the summer can be wonderful. But, like all moving scenarios, regardless of the month, weather, or location, the planning that goes into it can be tedious, time-consuming, and all-around unenjoyable. Moving services are busy and jam-packed with other summer movers, and in the heat, something unreliable. Even if you hire a moving service, vacations are booming, streets are congested, and bulky moving trucks can just complicate things. That’s why self-storage Go Mini moving units should be your go-to summer move option, with all the perks and space you get ...
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