Staging Your Home

Thinking about staging your home for an open house? There are a few things you may want to consider to ensure your home is in tip top shape. Check out our top tips for staging! Cleaning This may seem obvious, but having a spotless home while staging is really important. Really, really important. There’s nothing like a gleaming floor or spotless furniture that can add that extra flare to your home. It can be the tiny little thing that puts a buyer over the edge. Let’s face it, it just makes your home feel that much nicer, and it just requires some elbow grease. Don’t forget to clean the areas you might not get to in normal circumstances. These areas ...
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It’s Not Too Late for Spring Cleaning

It’s not too far into spring for you to take some steps to clean out your residence. Wondering where to start with spring cleaning? Here are our top cleaning tips. Break it into Chunks Depending on the size of your residence, it can be overwhelming to think about a deep clean. One technique to help you out here is to break it up by room. For example, you could start with the kitchen, then work to the bathroom and on to another room. You can even create a checklist- this will give you a visual representation of the progress you’re making. If you want to take this method even further, you can break each room down into individual tasks on ...
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Winter Storage Tips

With Winter just around the corner, there are plenty of items around the house and outside that you may not need any time soon. Choosing the right way to store things until Spring or Summer is a game-changer when you need them again. Read along for some expert Winter storage tips.  1. Clean items before Winter storage There are plenty of things you can just throw into storage without much thought. But some things need extra attention before you put them away for a few months. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than pulling out an item in the Spring and finding grit, grime, or dirt has permanently damaged its appearance or function. Take a lawn mower as an example. Dirty ...
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