Moving Back to School with Go Mini!

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As the summer comes to an end, many students find themselves moving back to their college dorm with boxes and boxes of belongings in toe. No matter how many years at university are under your belt, move in day can be overwhelming. It usually requires multiple trips or an expensive moving van rental.

However, as seasoned pros in the moving and storage industry, Go Mini of Louisville is well equipped to take the stress out of moving back to school. We offer three different size containers to fit your needs. Our 12 foot and smallest Go Mini for example, can hold up to 2-3 rooms of furniture, while our 20 ft and largest Go Mini can undertake 5-6 rooms of furniture. So whether you’re moving one kid back or two, we can get the job done affordably and with minimal effort on your part! Not sure which container is right for you? Just ask! We have lots of experience and will be happy to point you in the right direction.

How Can Go Mini Help You Move Back to School?

We do all the driving!

Instead of renting a moving van or truck that you have to pick up, drive and then return, Go Mini will drop off your container for you to fill and then deliver it to your next location. When you’ve emptied it, we’ll come and pick it up! All you have to do is decide what to take with you.

We’ll help keep you on schedule. 

When you rent a portable moving container with Go Mini, we’ll make sure to drop it off when you request it and deliver it promptly after you’ve filled it up. That way there’s no delay or lag time in your move back to school. Often times we can do same day delivery or pickup if you’re in a rush.

We offer loading and unloading services.  

Let us do all the heavy lifting! We work with a trusted local company that can load and unload your moving container for you. We have been referring them for 7 years and their experience often means they can fit up to two times more stuff in a container! Hiring help can get the job done faster and ensure you get the most storage space for your budget.

We’ll protect your belongings. 

With any move, it’s important that nothing gets damaged during transport. To help, we offer all the moving supplies you need. From quilted moving blankets, tie down straps and dollies, to boxes, tape and bubble wrap, Go Mini can be your one stop shop for moving back to school!

When summer returns, we’ll make storage handy. 

Time moves quickly and before you know it, summer break will be upon us again. When the time comes, we can easily store your dorm room furniture and other school supplies for you! Instead of constantly moving back and forth, consider utilizing our secure storage facility. When school is back in session we can deliver your belonging back to university without you lifting a finger.

To request a container, and start your move back to school call Bob Jones at 502-443-1686!

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Go Minis of Louisville’s Spring Special Offers Portable Storage Containers to Area Residents and Businesses for Just $99 a Month

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Go Mini’s provides customers with portable storage containers that are ideal for household moves and renovation projects. With three container sizes available for rent, the Go Mini’s mission is to provide a smooth and efficient moving or storage experience for customers across Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

One thing that makes Go Mini’s unique compared to other area competitors is the fact that the company is locally-owned and operated. Serving customers for over 12 years, those who call Go Mini’s are likely to speak with one of the company owners, Bob Jones, who prides himself on delivering friendly, local customer service. Explaining his approach to the portable storage business, Bob Jones states:

“As the co-owner of Go Mini’s Portable Storage here in Louisville, it is my goal to make our company stand out from the crowd. We do this in two ways – we work hard to deliver the very best customer service available. This means we hope to exceed your expectations making it as easy as possible for you to rent our clean and affordable portable storage containers. We also offer a unique product that no other company in the region provides. We’re the only portable storage company in Louisville that offers a 20 ft unit. This convenient size enables many of our customers to rent just one container, not two.”

Go Mini’s of Louisville has a unique business model which sets them apart from other moving and storage companies in the area. Popular for residential use, Go Mini’s portable containers are a more efficient alternative for those staging, renovating, building or moving to a new home than traditional moving trucks or storage units.

In light of the spring season, an optimal time for moving, cleaning and renovating, Go Mini’s of Louisville is offering an unprecedented springtime special. All of Go Mini’s storage containers will be rented out for just $99 a month until the end of May, no matter the size. The deal includes a 3-month minimum and a $49 fee for every delivery, pick up or transfer. The savings of this spring sale amounts to as much as 50% off Go Mini’s largest 20 foot container.

As the only company in the Louisville, KY-area to offer a 20 foot portable moving or storage container, the 20 foot unit is Go Mini’s most popular size, providing more tie down locations and 29% more loading space than competitor’s largest units. While Go Mini also has 12 and 16 foot containers available for rent, the 20 foot enables customers requiring more space the ability to rent only one container. The 12 foot Go Mini holds 2-3 rooms of furniture, while the 16 foot can fit 3-4 rooms of items, and the 20 foot as much as 5-6 rooms of objects.

When closing dates or new construction do not allow for a direct move, Go Mini’s mobile storage units provide a place to keep one’s belongings without the hassle of having to load or unload more than once. Containers can be kept at the customer’s location or in Go Mini’s secure Louisville warehouse. The monthly rental price is the same no matter where the portable container is located. If staging, renovating or remodeling a home, a Go Mini offers the convenience of temporary onsite storage. Each unit can be delivered quickly to the customer’s doorstep, and is left until they load it, ask to move it or store it; requiring less handling on their part.

Go Mini’s also services commercial contractors who need more interior workspace, are relocating, have excess inventory, seasonal items or are remodeling and need to store fixtures and clear space on a job site. Additionally, Go Mini’s has become the leading provider of portable storage for restoration and disaster contractors in Kentucky and Southern Indiana by providing 24/7 service with one point of contact.

Go Mini’s portable containers are always delivered at ground level for an easier loading experience and come with padded wheels for soft contact on any driveway surface. Each unit is built to remain clean and dry and features vents to reduce moisture from humidity. Go Mini’s come complete with sturdy railings, a translucent roof that provides natural light inside the container, as well as a rollup door and loading deck for easy access.

For help loading or unloading, Go Mini offers a free referral to a local professional moving service. Having referred customers to them for many years, their experience allows them the ability to pack as much as two times more in a Go Mini container. In addition, Go Mini’s also provides a variety of moving supplies for rent. Flat and upright dolly’s as well as packing items such as padlocks, boxes, tape, tie down straps, bubble padding and quilted moving blankets can help protect one’s belongings from damage while in transit.

Go Mini’s happily services customers across Louisville, Kentucky, Southern Indiana as well as the surrounding counties and cities. To learn more about Go Mini’s of Louisville or to determine what size container would best suit your needs, visit the Go Mini’s website or call 502-772-2821.

About Go Mini’s of Louisville

Go Mini’s of Louisville is a part of Moon Companies, one of Kentucky’s largest full-service trailer, dumpster and portable storage leasing companies. In addition to providing mobile moving and storage containers, Moon Companies has a large inventory of portable restrooms and restroom trailers, dumpsters and refrigerated containers available for individual or commercial use. Moon Companies also offers grease trap cleaning to area businesses, secure warehouse storage, mobile office space, as well as shipping containers and storage trailers for rent in Louisville, Kentucky, Indiana and regions beyond. Having been in operation since 1992, the company is known for fair prices and exceptional service as denoted by their tagline: “Ask for the Moon and get it!”

To reserve a portable storage container and take advantage of this spring special, visit Go Mini’s of Louisville online or call 502-772-2821.

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Staging Your Home with Go Mini’s

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While we all love our homes and their charming quirks, most potential buyers are looking for a clean slate when touring a house. To ensure yours quickly has a “sold” sign in the front yard, staging is key.

In order to properly stage a home for sale, realtors often suggest a few things:

1. A Deep Clean

In order to get every square inch looking spic and span, you’ll likely have to move everything away from it’s usual spot. That means pulling furniture out from the wall to dust and vacuum, taking things down and washing them, etc. Why not start the packing process while you go? With a Go Mini’s mobile storage container, you can take your time packing away your belongings as you clean. Unlike most traditional moving trucks, a Go Mini is affordable and flexible in terms of length of possession.

2. A Make Over

Chances are your home will also need a touch up here and there to really make the sale. When it comes to painting or re-flooring, a Go Mini’s portable storage container can keep everything clean, dry and safely nearby while you put the finishing touches on your home. With three sizes to choose from, a Go Mini is a convenient way to start the moving process.

3. Less is More

In order to make your home appear spacious, furniture may need to be re-situated or removed. It also helps to clear away clutter, any holiday decor or personal items. Buyers want to be able to envision their items and personal style when viewing a house.

Instead of packing it all up in the garage or a spare room, temporarily store your home’s goods at our Louisville facility or in a Go Mini on your very own property. Either way you are guaranteed a secure space and easy access.

Once the house has sold and you’re ready to move on, we can deliver the Go Mini with all your belongings to your new home! With Go Mini, you never have to drive and only have to load and unload once.

Our containers are portable and maneuverable, allowing for flexibility in placement at the delivery site. If you live in the Louisville, KY or southern Indiana region (including surrounding cities and counties), simply call Bob Jones at 502-443-1686 to have a portable container delivered right to your door. We are owned and operated so you can expect personalized, prompt, and courteous service.

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Go Mini’s of Louisville Portable Storage Containers are a Great Option for Emergencies

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We all know disasters can happen.  If your home or business sustains fire or water damage, Go Mini’s can help.  While the damage to your residence or place of business is being repaired, your personal or office items can be stored in our containers.  We can deliver a unit to you on demand in often just a few hours.

You can keep the unit on-site or store it at our secure location.  If stored at our location, we will deliver it to you when you want it.  Our portable units are secure with locking roll-up doors and no ramp is needed for loading.  All our storage units are on casters for ease of placement and we offer 3 sizes:  12, 16, and 20 foot units.  In fact, our 20 foot unit is 25% bigger than our competitors’.

You can be assured that your belongings will be safe and secure while clean-up and renovations are made to your property.  We are locally owned and operated!  Give us a call at 502-772-2821 or visit our website at www.gominisky.com for a free quote.

In addition, our sister company, Moon Mini Dumpsters can provide 6, 9, 12 and 16 yard dumpsters to help with clean-up.  Call 502-772-2821 or visit the website at www.moondumpsters.com for more information and pricing.

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What’s So Great About Go Mini’s Louisville Portable Storage Containers?

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1.  We have 3 sizes to fit your needs:  12, 16 and 20 foot units.  Our 20 foot unit is 25% bigger than our competitors.

2.  Our portable storage units are secure with locking roll-up doors.  In addition, no ramp is needed for loading and unloading due to our 8 inch loading deck.

3.  Go Mini’s units have a translucent roof providing natural light inside the container.  Our units are also vented which reduces moisture inside the unit preventing mold and mildew.

4.  All our storage containers are on casters for ease of placement at your location.

5.  Our units don’t sweat due to the factory baked paint on galvanized steel on the outside.  Our floors are also sealed to reduce moisture.

6.  We are a locally owned mini storage unit company and will provide prompt, courteous service!

Call us today at 502-772-2821 or visit our website at www.gominisky.com for a free quote!



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GoMini’s Portable Storage Units and Your Remodeling and Renovation Projects

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Are you remodeling your basement?  Or kitchen or bathroom?   Are you refinishing your hardwood floors?  What will you do with the items in these rooms while the project is completed?

Go Mini’s Portable Storage in Louisville is the answer!  While your remodeling project is being done, store your belongings in one of our portable storage units.  We will deliver your container when and where you need it.  By storing your items at your home, you can have access to them at any time.  If you would prefer to use our secure storage location, we can easily accommodate your needs.  Once your remodeling project is complete and you’ve unloaded your items, just give us a call and we’ll pick up your empty unit.

Our portable storage containers are clean, strong and dry with locking roll-up doors. They are made of steel construction with factory baked paint that eliminates sweating and moisture.  In addition, they’re vented which reduces moisture and humidity within the unit that can contribute to mold and mildew.  Go Mini’s offers 12, 16, and 20 foot units.  Our 20 foot unit is 25% larger than the competition’s.

Our sister company, Moon Mini Dumpsters can also provide you with 6, 9, 12, or 16 yard dumpsters for use during the demolition phase of your remodeling project.  For more information about our dumpsters, visit our website at www.moondumpsters.com.

We are locally owned and pride ourselves on high-quality customer service.  Call Bob Jones today at 502-772-2821 or visit our website www.gominisky.com for a free quote!



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Go Mini’s Portable Storage Units are Perfect for Your Moving Needs

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Are you planning on moving and not quite ready to move to your new location? Is your new house under construction, but you’re closing on your current home weeks before construction is complete? Or is the closing date on your current home prior to closing on your new home?

Go Mini’s portable storage units in Louisville are the answer to these typical moving and storage scenarios! Our portable storage containers are delivered to your location when and where you need them. You can load at your leisure and with our portable storage units, you’ll only have to load once and unload one time! We can also refer you to a reputable moving company to help move all your items or just the heavy or bulky items.

Your storage unit can be stored at your location or we will be happy to store your belongings at our secure location. Regardless of where the unit is stored, the monthly rental fee stays the same and you can access your belongings whenever needed. When you’re ready to move into your new home, just give us a call and we’ll move your storage unit for you. Once you’ve unloaded all your items, we’ll pick up your empty storage container.

Our portable storage containers are clean, strong and dry with locking roll-up doors. They are made of steel construction with sturdy railings handy for tying down furniture and other items. Go Mini’s offers 12, 16, and 20 foot units. Our 20 foot unit is 25% larger than the competition.

We are locally owned and pride ourselves on high-quality customer service. Call Bob Jones today at 502-772-2821 or get a free quote now!

Portable Storage Units

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10 Advantages to Portable Moving and Storage

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1.  Load and unload moving containers at your pace, they are rented by the month.

2.  Substantial savings verses traditional moving methods.

3.  Load and unload once. Double handling required when you use a mini-warehouse for storage.

4.  No truck rental or steep ramps. Load at ground level.

5.  Professional loading labor available for all or just heavy items.

6.  Keeps furniture clean and out of the way when refinishing floors or remodeling.

7.  Clean, safe, dry and ventilated containers for storage on-site or at storage facility.

8.  Convenience of having moving supplies delivered within the portable storage container.

9.  Translucent roof allows excellent visibility.

10. Tie down rails at waist and head level within storage units to secure load.

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