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Go Minis KY offers portable storage in Indian Hills, KY. Get your portable moving unit today.

Indian Hills is a home rule-class city that exists within the Louisville Metro Area. With a rich history that dates back to as early as 1805, this city has fought hard to preserve its natural beauty and political autonomy. What’s more, even as a small city, Indian Hills has been known as Louisville’s most prosperous suburb since 1995, and was one of the nation’s highest-income places as of the 2000 census. Go Minis KY is proud to offer citizens and businesses the best portable storage in Indian Hills, KY!

Geography and Demographics

With a total of 1.99 square miles to its name, Indian Hills might not seem very large, but it is chock-full of history and beautiful nature. While it borders Glenview, Riverwood, Northfield, Windy Hills, Druid Hills, Rolling Hills, and Brownsboro Village by land, a portion of Indian Hills also extends out to the Ohio River. Within its borders, part of the Muddy Fork of Beargrass Creek is featured in the terrain, as well as Caperton Swamp Nature Preserve. Outside of the residential areas, the land remains intentionally undeveloped and either densely forested or rocky. Ten areas of Indian Hills were designed by the famous Olmsted Brothers. This includes the Louisville Country Club, whose land previously belonged to Indian Hills before it was donated.

As of the 2020 census, there are 2,860 people living in Indian Hills, Louisville, KY.

History and Development

Indian Hills was settled in 1805 by Irish immigrant, John Veech, and was composed of approximately 502 acres. His grandson, Richard Veech, bred trotting horses and became the second-largest producer in Kentucky until cars became more popular. Then, the land was converted to farmland and grew their main crop of potatoes. They sold their produce at the St. Matthews Produce Exchange, one of the largest potato markets at the time.

The property stayed in the Veech family for 118 years until 1924. The heirs at the time sold 200 acres to the Louisville Country Club for development and 300 acres for subdivision development. Louisville attempted to annex Indian Hills multiple times, but the small city fought for their political autonomy. Eventually, they merged neighboring cities Indian Hills-Cherokee Section, Robinswood, and Winding Falls to reach a population that qualified them as a 4th-class city. This merger granted them greater local control and more grounds to reject Louisville’s annexation attempts.

Portable Storage in Indian Hills, Louisville, KY

Go Minis is a proud local franchise, and we do everything we can to make moves across the city as smooth as possible. We have three sizes of portable storage units available for rentals for every size move. Additionally, we offer three storage services so that you can choose based on your storage needs.

All of our portable storage units feature:

  • A locking roll-up door for secure storage your possessions while providing easy access.
  • An 8” loading deck that requires no ramps, making for easy loading/unloading yet eliminating casual water problems.
  • A translucent roof that provides plenty of natural light inside the container.
  • Casters to provide maximum maneuverability of the container at your site
  • Vents to reduce moisture and humidity that contribute to mold and mildew.
  • A sturdy steel construction with a welded frame and strong, secure steel siding.
  • Sturdy railings that are convenient for tie-down straps and hanging clothes
  • Eliminated sweating and moisture from the exterior siding that is coated with factory-baked paint on galvanized steel.
  • A moisture-resistant floor with a sealed surface and pressure-treated flooring.

Go Mini KY customers are also offered the ability to skip the rental store and access all their moving needs in one place. For small additional fees, Go Minis rents out moving supplies such as moving blankets, boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other packing items, moving dollies, locks, tie straps, and other essentials. Find a comprehensive list with prices on the website! We also have a highly-rated, affordable, local Louisville moving company on speed dial to help in assisting your move if desired.

Portable Storage Unit Sizes

Go Mini’s storage containers come in three sizes to meet your residential or commercial needs:

  • 12 Foot Portable Storage Unit (675 cubic feet)
  • 16 Foot Portable Storage Unit (900 cubic feet)
  • 20 Foot Portable Storage Unit (1,150 cubic feet)

Our 20-foot container is unique to Go Minis, and offers 25% (or 235 cubic feet) more storage capacity than the competitors’ largest units. When we deliver your Go Mini unit, we only need 6-inches of space on each side of the container to allow for a smooth pick-up.

Services Offered

Customers who need portable storage in Indian Hills, KY can choose their storage method from the 3 we offer:

Portable On-Site Storage

For home renovations or remodeling projects that require you to clear out rooms, Go Minis is a wonderful option. We’ll deliver your portable storage unit to your location and leave it for however long you need it. You can store furniture or valuables, construction materials or tools – anything you need to. Afterwards, we’ll take it back when you’re done! From deep cleans to floor treatments to paint jobs or changes to your floor plan, trust Go Mini to hold your property on your property.

Direct Move Portable Storage

Go Minis also offers a location-to-location direct transport service. This is geared towards those moving from one house to another in the Louisville and surrounding areas. Just like national brands like PODS or UNITS, your storage unit will be delivered for you or a moving service to pack to your preference. Once you’re ready to make the move, we’ll carefully transport your belongings from your old house to your new one! From there, you or your moving service will then unpack the unit, and we’ll take it back once again.

Portable Storage at Louisville Storage Facility

For those looking for storage without having to keep the Go Mini unit on their property, Go Minis KY offers our secure storage facility. Located in Louisville, your belongings will be nearby, secure, and accessible on demand during regular business hours. This option is convenient for those:

  • Staging their homes before selling
  • Taking on extensive, long-term home improvement projects
  • Studying abroad
  • Moving or vacationing out of state/country short-term with the intent to move back to Louisville

If you need a portable storage or moving solution, Go Minis of Louisville is locally-owned and ready to take on your move! To get a free instant quote, visit our website at gominisky.com or drop us a line at 502-772-2821 to speak with one of our Louisville experts! We’ve got the knowledge, and we’ve got the drive – contact us today!

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