Renovations that will Increase Your Home’s Value

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Moon Companies branch Go Minis KY can help you move out once you've renovated and brought up your home's value to sell at the best price.

In our previous blog, “5 Surprising Things That Can Depreciate Your Property Value,” we listed a few things that might bring your selling price down but, now, we’re looking to give you good news and brainstorm some ideas of things you can do for your property that will bring your home’s value up! Follow along with 7 home renovations that are worth the time, effort, and money invested!

1. Lighting Fixtures

One easy upgrade is to replace or install new light fixtures around the house. Especially in high-traffic rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, main bedroom, and main living room, lighting is important for everyday life, hosting guests, and for those with poor eyesight. No-light rooms are reminiscent of cheap college housing, and no one wants that, but aesthetic lighting adds to the appeal of the room and can bring a room from good to great!

2. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal was mentioned in the last blog as being one part of your house that could bring your home’s value down if not upkept, so it makes sense that it would be a remodeling project that’s worth it! Focus on the little details, like:

  • Landscaping
  • Replacing your garage door
  • Filling in driveway cracks
  • Cleaning and repainting the exterior of your house
  • Replacing/repairing your window frames and door frame
  • Installing new hardware, like door handles or a new mailbox

These have been shown to give as much as an estimated 133-152% return on investment (ROI), which definitely pays off in the end!

3. Bathroom Hardware

The bathroom is a room of the house that people spend a lot of time in, as it’s the hub for hygiene, grooming, relaxation, primping, and other business. Because of this, making it as inviting as possible is a big selling point. Storage space for toiletries and towels is a great start, and switching out your traditional showerhead with a rain-simulating one, upgrading your faucets, and framing your mirror can give even more of the spa-experience that people are looking for.

4. Kitchen Counter Space

While Americans still go out to eat or order in for dinner every once in a while, many are choosing to stay home and save money by cooking for themselves. And, with rising housing and renting costs, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to have a roommate if they’re not married or in a relationship. This means two people cooking in the same space, so having a surface for food prep and storage has become necessary. If your kitchen allows, install a floating island or a bar to increase the surface area available to cut, slice, mash, scoop, mix, and stir for a higher property value.

5. Floor Plans

This is one of the bigger home renovations that end up being entirely worth the cost and time. A floor plan is only as good as how much livable space there is. Trends suggest that buyers aren’t as sold on kitchens or dining rooms that are closed off in walls. By getting a quote and inspecting the achievability, knocking down a few walls to create a more open floor plan will make your space look bigger, increase the accessibility for those in wheelchairs or other mobility assistance tools, and make room for floor plan edits and additions, such as the ever-growing, popular home office.

6. Basements

Finishing your basement might seem like a long, expensive renovation for your home – but with upwards of a 86% ROI, we say it’s worth it. For whatever eyesore of exposed pipes, electrical boxes, and empty wooden supports you have, finishing a basement adds to the livable square footage of the house and offers a level of customization that buyers are looking for, as well as severe weather protection in tornado-affected areas.

7. Flooring

Finally, our last renovation is another high yield project: refinishing hardwood floors or tearing up old, stained carpet and replacing it with hardwood or laminate. These renovations have been reported with 120-147% ROIs and can really drive your home’s value up with a simple way to make your home seem newer, an easier time keeping the floor clean, and a more aesthetic match to the décor of your buyer’s choosing.

Let Go Minis KY Help Make Home Renovations Easier!

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