10 Advantages to Portable Moving and Storage

Posted on by Go Minis

1.  Load and unload moving containers at your pace, they are rented by the month.

2.  Substantial savings verses traditional moving methods.

3.  Load and unload once. Double handling required when you use a mini-warehouse for storage.

4.  No truck rental or steep ramps. Load at ground level.

5.  Professional loading labor available for all or just heavy items.

6.  Keeps furniture clean and out of the way when refinishing floors or remodeling.

7.  Clean, safe, dry and ventilated containers for storage on-site or at storage facility.

8.  Convenience of having moving supplies delivered within the portable storage container.

9.  Translucent roof allows excellent visibility.

10. Tie down rails at waist and head level within storage units to secure load.

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