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Go Minis vs PODS

If you’ve heard anything about portable moving options, then surely you’ve heard about PODS®. As a big competitor of Go Minis, how can we ignore the comparisons between us? From the outside, it may look like we offer similar services, or have comparable amenities, but we have the inside scoop, and are here to tell you that Go Minis take the cake, every time.

What do Go Minis have that PODS® don’t? What makes our services the one for you? Well, based on four aspects of what matters to you, the customer, we offer a few extra tidbits that our competition doesn’t.


When it comes to moving and storage, there always seems to be a little bit more stuff than anticipated. Our Go Mini units come in three different sizes to fit any of your storage needs! Our 20-foot unit is unique to us and is not offered at PODS® – that’s 29%, or 235 more cubic feet of space than the largest container anywhere else!

Even our “equal” sizes have more space, though. When compared, the internal dimensions of our 12 and 16-foot units Go Minis offer 17 and 31 more cubic feet of space respectively than PODS® units of the same external dimensions. Our goal is to get you the biggest bang for your buck that you can – moving is already stressful enough as it is, why would we add to that with space concerns? There’s no need with Go Minis!

And, moving past the specifications regarding usable space for your items, our Go Mini units are built with optimal external space utilization in mind, as well. When we deliver your Go Mini unit, we only need 6-inches of space on each side of the container to allow for a smooth pick-up, which brings us to a total of 9-feet for width that will fit most place you need a Go Mini! Compared with PODS® 12-foot requirement, well, we all know that every inch counts, and that added space without any additional storage isn’t necessary with Go Minis.


In this case, space is money, and space saved is money saved. With Go Minis, you save on fees such as rental, storage, and delivery while paying less per cubic foot than you would with PODS®. A bigger deal for a better price – what’s not to love?

But, perhaps the biggest money and hassle-saving facet about Go Minis is the time requirement. While PODS® minimum rental requirement caps at an entire month, whether you only need it for a week or two, Go Minis are much more flexible. Most of our locations offer weekly rental solutions, and that saves you even more money without compromising the quality or reliability of our services.

Quality and Safety

Even in providing you a more affordable storage solution, we don’t cut any corners when it comes to the quality of our units and the safety of your belongings. We include padded wheels within our delivery system to assure a smooth roll of the container onto the surface you provide – protecting everything from your driveway or street to the valuables you trust us with inside the unit.

Your belongings are sure to be safely stored with our increased tie-down points – 25% more in our 16-foot units than in those provided by PODS®. If that doesn’t assuage your fears, though, and you haven’t had much experience securing your belongings for the road, our experts in customer service are happy to provide you with professional advice and tips to best ensure a safe trip. Our driver’s play a part in that, as well, and we all hold a high standard when it comes to safety!

Our storage units are built for your comfort and security – made of nothing but the highest-grade powder-coated steel to minimize odor, mold, and mildew during extended trips or periods of storage, so that you don’t have to worry about the integrity of the unit you store your goods in!


Your experience is the most important thing to us – that’s why we’ve remained locally or regionally owned despite growing to over 200+ locations! We are not fully nor partially owned by a corporation – only the neighbors you live live side-by-side with. This means that your area’s specialist will know your location’s conditions and understand your needs in order to give you the personal encounter you deserve. With a company that maintains a small-business relationship with the community like Go-Mini does, you’re guaranteed that your questions and concerns won’t be funneled into a never-ending lists and answered by faceless corporate workers – you’ll get the accountability and care of those who take pride  and have stock in the business that they own.

Need a Go Mini?

If you need a portable storage or moving solution, Go Minis of Louisville is locally-owned and ready to take on your move! To get a free instant quote, visit our website at gominisky.com or drop us a line at 502-772-2821 to speak with one of our Louisville experts! We’ve got the knowledge, and we’ve got the drive – contact us today!

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