Staging Your Home with Go Mini’s

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While we all love our homes and their charming quirks, most potential buyers are looking for a clean slate when touring a house. To ensure yours quickly has a “sold” sign in the front yard, staging is key.

In order to properly stage a home for sale, realtors often suggest a few things:

1. A Deep Clean

In order to get every square inch looking spic and span, you’ll likely have to move everything away from it’s usual spot. That means pulling furniture out from the wall to dust and vacuum, taking things down and washing them, etc. Why not start the packing process while you go? With a Go Mini’s mobile storage container, you can take your time packing away your belongings as you clean. Unlike most traditional moving trucks, a Go Mini is affordable and flexible in terms of length of possession.

2. A Make Over

Chances are your home will also need a touch up here and there to really make the sale. When it comes to painting or re-flooring, a Go Mini’s portable storage container can keep everything clean, dry and safely nearby while you put the finishing touches on your home. With three sizes to choose from, a Go Mini is a convenient way to start the moving process.

3. Less is More

In order to make your home appear spacious, furniture may need to be re-situated or removed. It also helps to clear away clutter, any holiday decor or personal items. Buyers want to be able to envision their items and personal style when viewing a house.

Instead of packing it all up in the garage or a spare room, temporarily store your home’s goods at our Louisville facility or in a Go Mini on your very own property. Either way you are guaranteed a secure space and easy access.

Once the house has sold and you’re ready to move on, we can deliver the Go Mini with all your belongings to your new home! With Go Mini, you never have to drive and only have to load and unload once.

Our containers are portable and maneuverable, allowing for flexibility in placement at the delivery site. If you live in the Louisville, KY or southern Indiana region (including surrounding cities and counties), simply call Bob Jones at 502-772-2821 to have a portable container delivered right to your door. We are owned and operated so you can expect personalized, prompt, and courteous service.

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