Building a Home? 9 Tips For Staying On Schedule and In Budget

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Designing and building your own home can be one of the most exciting endeavors. The ability to customize every detail, from the property location to the color of a doorknob, can be incredibly fun and fulfilling.  But it’s not without its headaches; especially when things start to get behind schedule, or your team doesn’t work out, or your budget falls short. There’s so much to consider before jumping into a project of this scale. As an experienced portable storage company, we understand all that’s involved. Let’s take a look at some of our top tips for making your dream home a reality!

9 Tips For Simplifying Your Home Building Experience

Consider who you are working with.

The people you choose to collaborate with will determine the entire outcome of the project. It starts with your partner. Be on the same page with them regarding design decisions and layout, so you don’t face any inconsistencies. Next, consider who will consider the builder. Find a reputable, well-regarded builder. 

Stay open-minded about size and design.

When you get into the design details for your new home, it is smart to try to keep an open mind. While there may be certain things you don’t want to compromise on, like the number of bathrooms, you should stay open on other factors, especially if your building team makes good arguments for alternatives, There are so many factors to consider during a building design that keeping an open mind can make the whole process less stressful, and in the end more successful too.

Keep the long view in mind.

While you may be in the throes of raising young children and fantasize about a large playroom basement, fenced in backyard or individual bedrooms for the whole brood, time passes quickly and it is important to keep that in mind. Moving is a lot of work and you may plan to be in your home for a while. If this is the case, making some decisions about what you may want and need in 5 or 10 years vs. just considering today may pay off in the end. 

Stay within your budget.

While it can be very tempting to splurge on all your heart’s desires when building a new home, staying within a budget that is comfortable is absolutely the right thing to do. The last thing you want to do to yourself as you move into a new home, is set yourself up for years of financial stress and worry. Knowing your budget in advance and then planning accordingly is always advisable when it comes to such a big financial undertaking.

Think like a “house flipper” even if this is supposed to be your forever home.

While you may have every intention to build and live in your new dream home for decades, life has a way of throwing unexpected twists into even the best of plans. Keep this in mind during your planning process and build a home designed for broad appeal in the event that you decide to sell sooner than expected. 

Save money by doing what you can.

If you enjoy certain home remodeling projects and are open to some involvement in the construction of your home, you can often save a considerable amount of money doing certain things yourself. For example, while painting or tiling isn’t for everyone, if this is something you have experience with and are open to doing, you may consider taking these sorts of tasks on to save money to put towards other aspects of your new home build.

Recognize that occasional stress and tension are a part of the process.

While it may seem contradictory to suggest that stress and tension are a part of creating your dream home, it is true. There will be times that things may not go as planned, or you may not see eye to eye with your contractor, builder or even your partner, as you navigate decisions about the projects. If you prepare for these moments in advance, it can make them easier to deal with when they do happen. Try to keep everything in perspective and as with most things in life, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Be prepared for the big move.

Even if you are the most organized person in the world, moves end up being an enormous amount of work, and they rarely happen without a few glitches. Getting prepared in advance for your move will save you time and headache. This may include deciding what stays and what goes in terms of your furniture and other personal items. You may also want to secure a moving team and a realtor, depending on whether you are also selling your current home while building your new one.

Have a temporary storage solution.

If you are trying to sell your current home while building your new one, chances are you’d benefit from some type of storage solution for household items that may clutter up your space. It is common knowledge that homes often sell faster and even at higher prices when they are staged to look as visually appealing as possible. For many people this means getting rid of unnecessary items, at least temporarily. A portable storage solution like a Go Mini can be convenient and affordable. With three sizes to fit your needs, you can have your items safely stored and then moved to your new home when you are ready.

Need a Portable Storage Solution?

Building a home from the ground up is very exciting and something that many people want to do, but far fewer actually accomplish. This is in part due to the enormous amount of work involved, even in the best case scenarios. Yet despite this work, it can be an incredible experience, and the end result is often years of happiness in a home that you truly love. The best way to navigate all of the challenges is to be as organized as possible. If you need a portable storage solution for your home building project in the Louisville, Kentucky-area, don’t forget that Go Mini’s Louisville is here for you. For additional details, or to order a storage unit, give us a call at 502-772-2821 or contact us online.

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