Top Zip Codes to Buy and Sell in Louisville, January 2022

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Trending Zipcodes in Louisville, January 2022

Thinking about selling your house? You’re in luck. Housing prices around the U.S. were up 15% in November 2021 and show no signs of stalling anytime soon. 

Buyers, on the other hand, face a little more difficulty in this frenzied housing market. According to Redfin data, in Louisville, most homes sell at or above asking value in an average of 17 days and receive multiple bids. The median sale price is $240,000, which is over 9% higher than last year (and a ten-year high). 531 homes sold throughout the area in December alone. While dozens of new homes are being listed every day, the buying process remains highly competitive and fast-paced. 

Of course, trends vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. In a city that features homes of every size for varying price points, needs, and geographic preferences, you’ll have an entirely different buying and selling experience based on where you choose to move to, or from. Keep reading to learn about some trending Louisville zip codes in January 2022.  

Trending Zip Codes in Louisville’s Real Estate Market


40245 includes Eastwood, Beckley, Lake Forest, and other semi-rural neighborhoods on the outskirts of Jefferson County. 

As of January 2022, the 40245 housing market is highly competitive. Houses sell in an average of 13 days with multiple bids. “Hot” homes sell at 3% above list price in an average of 3 days. The median list price is $425,000 at $145/sqft. 


40202 includes parts of Downtown, Phoenix Hill, and the East Market District (Nulu). 

The average median home value in this zipcode has increased exponentially from November 2020 to 2021. According to Realtor.com, the median listing home price trended up a whopping 49.1% year-over-year to $325,000! 


40212 includes parts of the Portland, Russell, and Shawnee neighborhoods. 

As of November, home prices are up over 40.1% year-to-year, according to Realtor.com. The median listing price is $82,500 and an unbeatable $68/sqft. According to Redfin, hot homes can sell in 22 days, while the average home sells in 48. 


40214 encompasses part of Beechmont, Iroquois, Southside, Kenwood Hill, Southland Park, part of Waverly Hills, and Auburndale neighborhoods. 

The median sale price in 40214 is $183,000 as of December 2021. This is up 22% over December 2020. According to Redfin, the average home sells in 24 days at 2% below list price, while “hot” homes sell in around 8 days. This zip code includes highly-rated 21 public schools!


40218 includes Buechel, Watterson Park, Bashford Manor, and part of Bon Air neighborhoods. 

In November, according to Realtor.com, the median home listing price was $192,500, up 20.4% year-to-year. On average, homes sell in 12 days, compared to 18 days in 2020. Hot homes sell in 4 days! Around 41 homes sold in December. This market is very competitive. 


40219 includes Okolona, Heritage Creek, Newburg, and South Park View.

In December, median sale price was $212,000, up 24.7% year-to-year. The market is very competitive–the average home sells in 16 days, and hot homes sell in 4 days at above list-price. Many homes sold in the first week of January!


40205 includes neighborhoods like Highlands-Douglass, Belknap, Deer Park, Cherokee-Seneca, Bonnycastle, Gardiner Lane, Hayfield-Dundee, Bowman, and Hawthorne.

In December 2021, the median sale price was $350,000, up 27.3% from 2020’s high. Homes typically sell in 7-26 days. This highly-residential area offers close accessibility to dozens of schools, parks, and shopping centers. 

(Date is compiled using Redfin Housing Resources).

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