How Go Minis Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

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How to get organized when I don't have a lot of space New Year's Resolution

It’s a month into the new year – how is your New Year’s Resolution going? Considering that 36% of resolution-makers don’t make it past the first month and only 9% actually achieve their resolution, if you’re still going strong, congratulations! You’re one of the relative few.

Reading the blog title, you might be wondering, “how can a portable storage unit help me reach my New Year’s Resolution?”

But storage is storage, and especially if you live somewhere where space is scant, a few extra square feet could make all the difference! Let’s take a look at how a Go Mini can make achieving your goal easier!


When organizing, it might seem overwhelming looking at overflowing drawers, spare boxes, loose papers, and run-down items that have lost their function, but are difficult to get rid of because of emotional attachment. Go Minis can help cut down on the visual aspect that can be overwhelming – move everything that isn’t essential to daily life into your portable storage unit and bring in one box at a time to sort through to give yourself a sense of achievement each time you take a step towards all your things having a place to go.

Getting a Fresh Start

Make your move! Go Minis service includes an option for you to load up what you want and then have the unit delivered to your new address. If you’re planning on making the just this year and moving to your dream house, apartment, condo, state – Go Minis are the perfect way to move!

Exercising More

If you’re looking to exercise more but don’t have any space to put a machine, don’t wait until you can make it! By renting a Go Mini, you can clear out a space for your new investment and get started on developing healthy habits. This way, you can ever hit a double whammy – reach your exercise goals and reorganize the items you move to make space for your machine!

If you have the space and budget, another option is checking out our sister site, Moon Trailer Leasing, to consider making a shipping container workout room!

Downsizing and Practicing Mindfulness

Sometimes, organizing just doesn’t cut it when you have too much stuff for your space. But downsizing can be hard! That’s why experts recommend working mindfulness into your downsizing efforts and making the hard decisions based on what you need and what makes you happy. By choosing a weekend to tackle the big things and having somewhere to store what you don’t get to, you have the option of working slowly and with a clean slate to begin with so that you can reimagine your space with only the things that you want there, not the things that have been hanging on because they’re familiar.

Deep Cleaning

A clean house seems difficult to maintain, but even more so to obtain in the first place. There’s always dust and dirt hanging out in the spaces that we wouldn’t expect or can’t get to on a quick sweep. Go Minis give you an extra pocket of space to store bigger items if you need to move them to shampoo carpets, clean walls, or put a new layer of wax down.


Finally, any renovation projects, both DIY and professionally done, will likely require some items to be displaced around the house. Whether that’s a new coat of paint, tearing up carpets, the installation of new appliances, or creating an open floor plan, Go Minis KY has your New Year’s Resolution storage needs covered! Don’t risk your nice furniture and prized possessions when you can store them on your property in a moisture-resistant unit.

If you need a portable storage or moving solution, Go Minis of Louisville is locally-owned and ready to take on your move! To get a free instant quote, visit our website at gominisky.com or drop us a line at 502-772-2821 to speak with one of our Louisville experts! We’ve got the knowledge, and we’ve got the drive – contact us today!

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