How Portable Storage Can Help When You Build A Home

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Building a home is an exciting process for many people. It can be very fulfilling to see your designs and ideas come to life. However, there are a lot of logistics involved with building a home that you may not think of. From staging your old home to help it get sold to managing short-term item storage during moving transitions, there’s a lot that can slip through the cracks. Fortunately, a mobile storage unit can help with these problems and many more. 

Here are some ways a Go Mini’s portable storage container can help you stay on track when you build a home. 

Staging Your Old Home

When you’re building a new home, it can easily take up most of your free time and thoughts. But if you need to sell your current home at the same time, that process requires a lot of planning too. Staging during the selling process is an important step that can help your old home get sold much quicker. When you stage your home and minimize the amount of furniture that’s present, potential buyers can fill in the empty spaces with their ideas. Plus, when you tactically choose what to remove and what to leave, you can showcase your old home’s best assets. You can highlight living room space, kitchen counters, bathrooms, and more with just a little bit of decluttering and reorganizing. 

A Go Mini provides a perfect solution to help with staging. Portable storage space means you can store furniture at your old home, at the new one, or even off-site at our secure location. Plus, with 12, 16, and 20 foot containers to choose from, you won’t have trouble storing all of your furniture. 

Portable Storage Means Flexibility During Transition Phases

As much as planning can help keep everything on track, sometimes things come up that throw off the schedule. Construction delays, bad weather, and unexpected issues in the home you are trying to sell can all be a major pain. Each additional problem adds a laundry list of steps you need to take to make sure everything falls in place.

One thing that can help with all of these problems is storage flexibility. A flooded basement can mean wet belongings. Having weatherproof storage with pressure-treated floors and sealed surfaces means you can keep everything dry. Is your new home is delayed another month due to unforeseen construction issues? Portable storage can help ensure you aren’t scrambling to find a place to keep everything. When an unexpected prospective buyer schedules a home tour last-minute, storage flexibility gives you a place to quickly arrange for a showing. Go Minis offer the flexible terms you need to take any problem head-on as you build and move into your new home. With a range of sizes and rental periods, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. 

Our GoMini temporary portable storage containers offer a simple, secure solution to all of your home building and moving needs. We can help keep your belongings secure, dry, and right where you need them, when you need them. If you are looking for a great deal on quality storage with dependable service, give us a call at 502- 772-2821 or visit our website.

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