3 Ways Music Festivals in Kentucky Use Portable Storage

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There are a growing number of incredible music festivals in Kentucky each year. In 2019, Forecastle Festival drew over 65,000 attendees to see acts including the Tyler Childers, the Cold War Kids, and Maggie Rogers. Additionally, Bourbon & Beyond drew over 90,000 in 2019, with musicians including the Foo Fighters and Robert Plant. Plus, the inaugural 2019 Railbird festival drew over 25,000, with headliners like Brandi Carlile and Old Crow Medicine Show.

These festivals offer fantastic musical acts paired with the best of Kentucky’s natural beauty, food, libations, and artisan crafts. It’s safe to say these events and others will continue to grow in popularity in the future, making Kentucky a destination for great music in an unbeatable setting.

For festival organizers, these events require on-site storage before, during, and after their run times. Here are a few ways music festivals in Kentucky use portable storage.

3 Ways Music Festivals in Kentucky Use Portable Storage

Storage for sound equipment, chairs, tables, and other festival equipment

Festivals involve a lot of equipment, from music-related gear to seating for festival-goers and staff. So, it is crucial to have on-site storage for everything. Having storage containers allows for easy access, security, and protection from the elements. Nothing dampens spirits more than stolen, far away, or rain-soaked equipment. Luckily, these problems can be easily prevented with on-site storage.

Storage for vendor and band merchandise

One of the great parts of festivals is the selection of products that vendors offer. The clothes, shoes, and artisan products help showcase the creativity of a festival. Who doesn’t love locally-made accessories or a unique band t-shirt?

One way to amp up your festival’s merch is to offer storage for any excess products that vendors or bands may bring. Organizers can use storage near selling points to ensure smooth commerce. Plus, if you need cold storage for food vendors, you can always look into renting a refrigerated container.

Stage-specific storage

Another fun aspect of many festivals is all of the different stages where you can catch a show. It’s amazing to be immersed in so many performances with the option to wander between everything.

However, this presents a big challenge for organizers, as there are multiple points on a festival site that need storage and support. One simple way to help manage this is to have storage units by each stage. For example, you can store sound equipment, furniture, and  other gear safely right behind a stage. Even better, storage units like GoMini’s are weather-proof. There’s no need to worry about instruments or gear getting damaged from bad weather!

Our GoMini’s offer a simple, secure solution to all of your festival needs. We can help keep your gear secure, dry, and close to the action. If you are looking for a great deal on quality storage with dependable service, give us a call at 502-772-2821 or visit our website.

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