6 Tips To Make Your Home Remodel Experience Easier

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Are you planning a home remodeling project? Preparing for a complete home remodel, a kitchen remodel, or even a bathroom remodel can be very demanding. Fortunately there are some things you can do in advance to make the challenges a little less stressful.

Leading up to a remodeling project, you might find yourself juggling a long to-do list while trying hard to keep the project within a desired time frame and budget. Truthfully, it is unusual to experience a remodeling project that doesn’t have some unexpected twists and turns since so many factors are at play. Products need to be ordered and delivered, teams of skilled workers need to be available, and sometimes even with all the best planning and intentions, unexpected aspects of a remodeling project come into play to put things off schedule.

Some people decide to move out during a remodeling project, but other times it makes more sense to make the necessary adjustments to stay at home. Regardless of what you decide, here are some helpful tips you can follow before and during a home remodel to simplify the process and minimize your stress.

Tips to Keep Your Sanity: Preparing for your Home Remodel

Here are some useful tips to follow to stay as calm as possible during a remodeling project:

  1. Remember that Dealing With Contractors Is An Art

No doubt, communication is the key. Whether you are preparing for a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or whole home remodel, staying in close communication with your contractor is essential.

  1. Be Nice and Polite

Understandably, home remodeling is not an easy task; it comes with tension and frustration. You may face difficult or unexpected situations where getting angry seems like the best solution. Although situations may temporarily improve as a result of you getting angry, the best advice is to remain as calm and pleasant as possible. Keep in mind that everyone has the same goal – to finish the remodeling project successfully in terms of time and budget. When tensions run high, try to stay focused on a big picture, and remember why you are doing this

  1. Keep Detailed Lists

Staying organized during a remodeling project is important. This includes agreeing to a plan, an estimated price, time frame, and shopping list.  Detail all of this in writing including your expectations for the project. This will help to eliminate the chance of misunderstandings.

  1. Double The Time Frame Contractors Give You

It can help you save yourself from disappointment and frustration. Even if you have calculated the time, you are not the one who is performing tasks. If the job finishes on time or even comes in early, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Expect delays to happen because they typically do.

  1. Plan Your Day To Day Routine In Advance

Typically during a remodel there are parts of your home you are unable to access for a set period of time. This might include your kitchen and your access to cooking and food preparation, or your bathroom and your access to a shower, sink or tub. Plan in advance for what you will do. If you are doing a kitchen remodel, figure out how you may still be able to access basic kitchen necessities like your toast and coffee maker.  If you are going to be without access to your stove for a certain period of time, and you are accustomed to cooking many of your meals at home, figure out a meal plan in advance. Will you be able to prepare food elsewhere in your home? Will you need to eat most of your meals out for a certain period of time?

  1. Figure Out A Good Storage Solution

Many times a remodel means moving large amount of “stuff” out of a certain space in your home so that work can be done. If you live in a large home, you may have a basement or some other area where you can easily relocate your items. If you live in a more modest space, storage might be a real problem. In these situations it might make sense to get an external source of storage. For example, Moon Minis offers a simple, secure portable storage solution that can be a great option during a remodel. You can either keep a storage unit on site for easy access or have us deliver, pick up, store, and re-deliver your items whenever you are ready. This can help reduce the amount of clutter in your day to day living environment during a remodel and make the whole process more pleasant and less chaotic.

Regardless of how organized you are, any type of home remodel tends to come with a degree of stress. Hopefully the tips we outlined above can help you as you navigate your own remodeling project.

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