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As the summer comes to an end, many students find themselves moving back to their college dorm with boxes and boxes of belongings in toe. No matter how many years at university are under your belt, move in day can be overwhelming. It usually requires multiple trips or an expensive moving van rental.

However, as seasoned pros in the moving and storage industry, Go Mini of Louisville is well equipped to take the stress out of moving back to school. We offer three different size containers to fit your needs. Our 12 foot and smallest Go Mini for example, can hold up to 2-3 rooms of furniture, while our 20 ft and largest Go Mini can undertake 5-6 rooms of furniture. So whether you’re moving one kid back or two, we can get the job done affordably and with minimal effort on your part! Not sure which container is right for you? Just ask! We have lots of experience and will be happy to point you in the right direction.

How Can Go Mini Help You Move Back to School?

We do all the driving!

Instead of renting a moving van or truck that you have to pick up, drive and then return, Go Mini will drop off your container for you to fill and then deliver it to your next location. When you’ve emptied it, we’ll come and pick it up! All you have to do is decide what to take with you.

We’ll help keep you on schedule. 

When you rent a portable moving container with Go Mini, we’ll make sure to drop it off when you request it and deliver it promptly after you’ve filled it up. That way there’s no delay or lag time in your move back to school. Often times we can do same day delivery or pickup if you’re in a rush.

We offer loading and unloading services.  

Let us do all the heavy lifting! We work with a trusted local company that can load and unload your moving container for you. We have been referring them for 7 years and their experience often means they can fit up to two times more stuff in a container! Hiring help can get the job done faster and ensure you get the most storage space for your budget.

We’ll protect your belongings. 

With any move, it’s important that nothing gets damaged during transport. To help, we offer all the moving supplies you need. From quilted moving blankets, tie down straps and dollies, to boxes, tape and bubble wrap, Go Mini can be your one stop shop for moving back to school!

When summer returns, we’ll make storage handy. 

Time moves quickly and before you know it, summer break will be upon us again. When the time comes, we can easily store your dorm room furniture and other school supplies for you! Instead of constantly moving back and forth, consider utilizing our secure storage facility. When school is back in session we can deliver your belonging back to university without you lifting a finger.

To request a container, and start your move back to school call Bob Jones at 502-772-2821!

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