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Thinking about staging your home for an open house? There are a few things you may want to consider to ensure your home is in tip top shape. Check out our top tips for staging!


This may seem obvious, but having a spotless home while staging is really important. Really, really important. There’s nothing like a gleaming floor or spotless furniture that can add that extra flare to your home. It can be the tiny little thing that puts a buyer over the edge. Let’s face it, it just makes your home feel that much nicer, and it just requires some elbow grease.

Don’t forget to clean the areas you might not get to in normal circumstances. These areas include baseboards, window shades, the tops of cabinets, and other unusual spots. You never know what a potential buyer might catch a glimpse of, so be thorough.

Staging Your Home to Look Less Personal

When you live in a home, it’s nice to make it your own. You might have special artwork, furniture, mementos, or other trinkets that make it really feel like you’re where you are meant to live. However, when staging, this is the opposite of what you should strive for. Buyers don’t want to see how you live in a home- they want to be able to imagine themselves in the home. This means you should remove all personalizing touches before an open house. Family photos, clothes, bathroom supplies: make sure you store all of these away. Believe us, it’s worth the extra effort. When a potential buyer can project their style onto the template of your home, they are much more likely to actually buy it.

Staging Your Home to Look Usable

Just like a potential buyer will want to project their style onto your home, they’ll also want to see non-personalized examples of how a space could be used. For example, if you have a hallway without a purpose, throw a side table with some storage options beneath it there to show how the space could be useful. Even if that’s not how someone might use the space themselves, they will see the possibility of use. Basically, you will be showing them that all of the square footage in the home can be used for something.

Freshness and Lighting Matter

There are two other little details that go a long way for staging a home. First, consider adding a few plants here and there in your home. As small as this action is, it tends to give homes a fresher feel. You can use greenery, flowers, or anything really. Even just a small succulent on a table adds a bit of extra flair that really makes a difference.

The second small change you can make relates to lighting. Make sure you show off the natural lighting in your home wherever possible. Open up window shades and remove blinds. Natural light can help make a space look larger. Also make sure to turn on overhead and lamp lighting when possible. There’s nothing more unappealing than a dark or dim room, so this is very important. Fundamentally, more lighting will help make the home feel more welcoming.

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