It’s Not Too Late for Spring Cleaning

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It’s not too far into spring for you to take some steps to clean out your residence. Wondering where to start with spring cleaning? Here are our top cleaning tips.

Break it into Chunks

Depending on the size of your residence, it can be overwhelming to think about a deep clean. One technique to help you out here is to break it up by room. For example, you could start with the kitchen, then work to the bathroom and on to another room. You can even create a checklist- this will give you a visual representation of the progress you’re making.

If you want to take this method even further, you can break each room down into individual tasks on a list. Your bedroom may need dusting, vacuuming, fresh bed sheets, and clean windows- these can all be sub-points on your task list. If it’s helpful for you, you can also order these points and subpoints to create a gameplan for your deep clean. Or, if you prefer more spontaneity, you can spontaneously jump between rooms on your list as you complete them. No matter your specific approach, breaking this work down into chunks will greatly increase your sense of progress and likelihood of completing everything.

Incorporate Non-Cleaning Household Tasks into Spring Cleaning

There are a lot of tasks around the house or apartment that can be easy to forget about. A deep clean is the perfect time to check up on those things. This can be anything from checking the batteries in a fire alarm to changing out an old lightbulb. You may even need to go to the store to restock your cleaning supplies. No matter what it is, these are the little things that can slip your mind easily. Write down a list of these as you are making your cleaning list so you can stay ahead of the curve. You’ll thank yourself later when you aren’t having to deal the inconvenience at a potentially bad time.

Eliminate Clutter

A deep dive into cleaning your residence is a great time to take inventory of all the stuff you have lying around. As you clean, reflect on what you have around and if it’s something you really want or need. An unused appliance, glassware that never seems to make it out of the cabinet, or dusty old books you haven’t opened in years may be good candidates for a rethink. You can always donate unused items so that someone else can make good use of them. Or, you could try selling them in a yard sale or online. If it’s an item you need but aren’t using right now, you can even consider using a storage container.

Either way, setting an intentional tone for what you have and what you really need is a positive practice. It will ultimately help you feel better about the state of your apartment or home.

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