Winter Storage Tips

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With Winter just around the corner, there are plenty of items around the house and outside that you may not need any time soon. Choosing the right way to store things until Spring or Summer is a game-changer when you need them again. Read along for some expert Winter storage tips. 

1. Clean items before Winter storage

There are plenty of things you can just throw into storage without much thought. But some things need extra attention before you put them away for a few months. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than pulling out an item in the Spring and finding grit, grime, or dirt has permanently damaged its appearance or function. Take a lawn mower as an example. Dirty fluids, old oil, or non-stabilized gasoline can lead to damage over time. By just draining necessary fluids, cleaning the mower body, and perusing the user’s manual for other necessary steps, you will extend the machine’s life. 

The same principle of cleanliness before storing applies to other machinery, and to non-mechanized items too. Lawn chairs, outdoor tables, and other furniture should get a quick wipe-down before going into storage for months. This will ensure that their appearance stays pristine and avoids the risk of deterioration due to caked on dirt and debris. You will also avoid any mold or mildew growth this way. The type of cleaning solution you should use varies based on the material items are made of.

2. Declutter your storage space before you start

Whether you typically throw everything into a shed, garage, or attic, doing some decluttering before you store anything will pay off in the long run. An organized space will help you efficiently store everything. It also makes it so much easier to bring items back out once the weather is warmer. A few well-placed shelves, boxes, and cubbies can really make a world of difference. Another tip: if you are stacking items, always put the heaviest things on the bottom and use blankets or other padding between everything. This prevents damage over the months of storage that the items will endure. 

3. Take care of sensitive items

Some electronics, furniture, antiques, and other items may need more specialized storage. Make sure you select the right spot for these items- a cold storage shed probably won’t cut it. You can always store more sensitive items in a temperature-controlled closet, attic, or even a regulated storage unit (you can also add a heater to some spaces to keep them at the right temperature). Some items like instruments do poorly in very high or low humidity spaces, so keep that in mind as well. Consider adding a humidifier or dehumidifier to your storage space if this is a concern. 

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